Referral Process

A referral might be made by the GP to the hospital for tests, treatment or to see a consultant with specialist knowledge. A consultant is a senior doctor who specialised in a certain type of medicine.

Once a referral has been made, it will be sent electronically to our Local Referral Service (Sarum Referral Centre) who are responsible for directing it to the correct department depending on the content/urgency of the referral. You will then be added to a waiting list until an appointment becomes available.

If an appointment is required the central booking team at the hospital will contact you by telephone, email or letter to inform you of your appointment information. Once you have been seen by the consultant, your GP surgery will usually receive a copy of the letter within 2 – 6 weeks after you have been seen. This will then be scanned onto your medical record and be available to view on the NHS App.

If you have a query about your appointment, please contact:

Central Bookings Team (Salisbury District Hospital):

01722 345 543

Once you are on the waiting list to see a consultant, the order patients are seen is the responsibility of each department. In the first instance we ask patients to contact the Central Booking Team to discuss the progress of the referral and find out whether you can be seen been sooner. 

If your condition has significantly worsened since the referral is made, you can request that your GP writes an expedite letter to the consultant requesting that you are seen sooner. Please note that this does not guarantee that will receive an appointment quicker.

This request must be made in writing to the Practice by email to or by post. You must include the following information:

Date of birth:
NHS number (if known):
Was the referral NHS or Private?
What was the referral for? ie which service or department were you referred to
When was the referral made?
What was th reason for needing to see the consultant sooner? i.e why do you need an expedite letter

If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate to call the Surgery on 01722 336441 or send an email to

Information leaflets: