What can the Surgery do to support you


We know that caring for somebody can take a huge toll on your well-being: physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. There are various ways we can help:

  1. We offer Carers priority and flexibility of appointments.
  2. We ensure that your notes are updated to reflect that you are a carer, so that any member of the team you're interacting with can see.
  3. We can ensure that you are invited to annual flu vaccination clinics and any other appropriate immunisations (e.g. COVID boosters).
  4. We can invite you to attend one of our regular Carers Clinics for a health check and the opportunity to speak to someone from Carer Support Wiltshire.
  5. You will be invited to Carer's Coffee Mornings and other events.
  6. We can refer you to Carer Support Wilsthire, Wiltshire Parent Carer Council, Wiltshire Council  (for young carers) and other local services for support.
  7. We can be a listening ear.
  8. We can apply for grants if you need financial help for something specific.



Our Carers team are just a phone call or email away!

✆ Telephone: 01722 336441

✉ Email: three.chequers@nhs.net