Three Chequers 

Three Chequers Vision

Three Chequers Medical Practice was created in April 2017 by the merger of St Anns, Three Swans and Endless Street Surgeries. These were already excellent surgeries with outstanding teams. Our aim is to continue to provide high quality medical care using the combined expertise of these teams.

We now have four sites with Endless Street and Three Swans being located within Salisbury. The villages of Porton and Winterslow host our branch sites and are on the outskirts of the city. Our Endless Street surgery is a listed building and therefore not suitable for renovation. However, the search for a suitable space to build a new central surgery is ongoing.

We provide a high level of care to our 24,000 patients from our four sites within Salisbury and the surrounding area. The Practice team is made up of 7 Partners, and 10 salaried doctors supported by a comprehensive team of allied health professionals including a full complement of nursing, clerical and administrative staff. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and supportive team with a reputation for excellence. We are also a training, teaching and active research practice which has received the only Outstanding CQC results in Salisbury.

The good name of the practice depends upon the achievement of a high standard of care in our work, and maintaining confidentiality and honesty in the conduct of that work. It is vital that at all times we ensure that we conduct our work in accordance with the highest standards.

Our dispensing team works at our Endless Street, Porton & Old Sarum and Winterslow sites. The Practice dispenses to approximately 5,300 patients living in Salisbury and the surrounding area. The dispensers provide acute and repeat medications to those patients who are eligible for dispensing services. They are a professional and well-trained group who provide invaluable services.


Training & Research

Teaching and training is an important part of our practice. We have been a training practice for over 13 years and have had continuous registrars (trainees) in post since then. We have also supported Southampton Medical School and offered teaching to medical students from each year of the undergraduate course. The current postgraduate training program is undergoing a series of changes and we are now also offering training for the junior doctors throughout their training program.

Dr Jeremy Howell and Dr Timothy Moody are our accredited trainers, Dr Craig Kyte supervises doctors in their foundation year and Dr Selina Gray is responsible for much of the medical students teaching. All the partners, other members of the clinical and administrative team take an active part in training particularly in those areas where they have a special interest.



The Way Forward

We are excited to be at the forefront of developing medical services in Salisbury. We understand changes can seem unsettling at first but would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your continued support whilst these take place.

We will be working with our patient participation group (PPG) to help Three Chequers focus on the way ahead. We would also welcome any other feedback you may have. Click here for more information about how you can leave feedback.