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Are you determined to stop smoking?

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Our smoking cessation service has a quit rate of 80% - that means that 4 out of every 5 people who attend the service manage to quit. This is much higher than the national average quit smoking support services which have a success rate of around half.

Please look at the information here and consider coming to us for support.


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If you would like to give up smoking, please book an appointment. This can be either a phone call or face to face. Your first appointment will need to be 20 minutes so that we can discuss your reasons for wanting to quit, how we can support you and we will also do some tests and give you some information. We can also discuss whether you feel 1:1 support or a group environment would be best for you. You will need to commit to coming back 2 weekly for follow up appointments.  

Phone 01722 336 441  now and ask for a 20 minute Stop Smoking Appointment.