Patient Group Minutes of Meeting, Reports and Surveys

The minutes of the Patient Group meetings are below.


Report of the PPG meeting - 4th November 2019

A discussion was held between the PPG members and the Three Chequers Practice staff attending the meeting regarding how the PPG could be “a critical friend to the Practice” (Patients Association Guidance) in a way that supports the Practice to maintain and improve its service to patients.  Ultimately the Practice and PPG should work together to help identify solutions in order to provide the best possible care for patients.  Points arising from the discussion:

  • Collaborative work is proceeding on producing a patient survey.
  • Dr Howell will attend a meeting of the PPG in the New Year to update on the progress of plans for a new building and how the PPG can help with the project.
  • It is important that the PPG addresses general issues and better communication between Patient and Practice, without becoming a conduit for individual complaints.

A report was received from the IT sub-group who had met with the IT Manager.  A question was raised regarding IT services for blind and partially sighted patients.  (It has been confirmed since the meeting that if a patient has a speaker system on their computer, they will be able to access the new website.)

Problems were highlighted regarding booking appointments:

  • It is not possible to book more than 6 weeks ahead.  The Practice informed the PPG that they had looked into the system, but bookings further ahead often had to be changed and 6 weeks was the best way of working.
  • Questions were raised regarding booking online appointments - whether a filter could be provided to separate doctor and nurse appointments and whether more detailed information could be given to direct patients as to who they should book with.  A member of the PPG will liaise with Practice staff to clarify details.

At various times throughout the meeting the PPG and Practice discussed ways of improving communication.  This is an ongoing challenge which the PPG will pursue on behalf of patients.

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