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Repeat Prescriptions

Patients requiring repeat medication can request this by:

Online (please provide ID at any of our reception desks and they will allow you access to Systmonline)
Email prescriptions.3chequers@nhs.net
Reception By leaving a completed repeat slip at Reception
By post Sending a letter


Your annual review for your medication is due during your birth month.  You will be invited in for an appointment with one of our Health Care Assistants whereby they will go through various tests  and examinations which may also include a blood test and a foot check (for diabetics).  The results of these tests will then be collated and reviewed by a clinician.  Should you need further tests, you will be contacted to book this in.

If everything is as expected, one of our clinicans will contact you to complete your medication review. Once this is done, your medication will be re-authorised for the year and your annual review will be complete.


The Prescription Clerks and Dispensers are NOT authorised to issue repeat prescriptions for patients whose medication review has been passed so please book your review appointment in plenty of time so that there is no delay in issuing your prescriptions.

Please allow 3-4 working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays, for your request to be processed. If you have any problems please phone on 01722 336 441 or email the surgery. 

Our Dispensary telephone line is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am - 4.00pm and should be used for medication queries ONLY. 

Please note that we require all patients collecting prescriptions containing Controlled Drugs to provide photographic identification upon collection. 

Problems ordering your prescription online?  

You can email us - prescriptions.3chequers@nhs.net

Dispensing Your Medication

We are fortunate to be able to have a dispensary at Endless Street Surgery and at our branches in Porton and Winterslow

Unfortunately, we are only permitted to provide this service to patients who live in a specified geographical area which includes the villages of: Winterbourne Dauntsey, Winterbourne Earls, Winterbourne Gunner, Hurdcott, Porton, East Gomeldon, West Gomeldon, Figsbury, Firsdown, Pitton, Winterslow, Farley, East Grimstead and West Grimstead, Alderbury / Whaddon, Coombe Bissett, Bodenham & Homington, Nunton, Odstock Village, Woodford Valley, Salteron and Netton (we can issue acute medications if you have just seen the doctor at Winterslow or Porton. However the Regulations governing dispensing do not allow us to provide this service at Endless Street).

We offer a delivery service to Pitton Post Office, Alderbury/Whaddon post office, Coombe Bissett Stores and the Bridge Inn.

For those who are housebound or have trouble getting to the shop or post office, we may be able to arrange delivery of your medicines to your home (you have to be in, of course). We keep an extensive range of medicines in stock and will usually be able to supply common medicines immediately.

Occasionally, however, if you need a special medicine there may be a short delay before the medication can be supplied by our wholesaler.  If you require a repeat prescription, please complete the form in the usual way but please remember to give us a minimum of four working days notice before coming to collect your medication.  We are also able to supply certain travel medicines and other medications which are not available on an NHS prescription to any patient regardless of where they live. Please ask a member of the dispensary team.


Medication Reviews

Those of you who have regular repeat medication for coronary heart disease, asthma, diabetes, thyroid problems or any other chronic diseases know that you will need an annual review - this being YOUR BIRTH MONTH.

Your medication review date (i.e during your BIRTH MONTH) is YOUR REMINDER that you need to make an appointment to come and see one of our Health Care Assistants for annual checks which may include a blood test and a foot check (for diabetics).  Our Admin team will contact you the month prior to your birth month inviting you in for your annual review if you have not made this vital appointment.

Simple repeat medications, such as those for skin conditions will not require you to come in for an appointment and these requests will continue to be checked by clinicians and re-authorised if appropriate.

Once all the results are back, a clinician will study the results and hopefully sign you off for another year!  If not, the reception team will be in touch to invite you in either for further tests or to speak to one of our Doctors.


Over The Counter Prescription Changes

Changes To The Prescribing Of Over The Counter Medicines

What do these changes mean?  

Following a period of national consultation, NHS England has issued new guidance on over the counter medicine.  This means that for 35 minor, short-term health conditions, over-the-counter medicine will not be routinely prescribed by your GP.  This is because you can buy all these medicines freely, faster and for less than the cost of a prescription, over the pharmacy counter at any good local chemist. Your pharmacist will be able to assist you with the appropriate health advice for choosing and taking these medicines.

Changes To Prescribing Common Medicines At Three Chequers Medical Practice

In keeping with this new guidance our surgeries have decided NOT to prescribe the following medications, in line with the reasoning outlined above.   Please do not be offended when we ask you to buy these medicines over the counter.

Acne Creams Antifungal Creams & Powders Antiperspirants Bath Oils
Bites & Stings Treatments Calamine Lotion Calpol Chloramphenicol Eye Drops
Cold Sore Treatment Colic Drops Cough Mixture Decongestants
Diarrhoea Treatment Dry Skin Creams Ear Wax Drops Hay Fever Tablets
Head Lice Treatment Ibuprofen Tablets Indigestion Remedies Laxatives
Mouthwashes Nappy Rash Creams Nurofen Liquid Pain Gels / Creams
Paracetamol Tablets Shampoos Stop Smoking Products Sun Creams
Teething Gels Threadworm Tablets Throat Lozenges / Sprays Toothpaste
Travel Medicines Tubigrip Bandages Vitamin Supplements & Tonics Wart & Verruca Treatments
Weightloss Treatments  

OTC Prescriptions Changes

OTC Questions and Answers

It costs the NHS three times more to prescribe these medicines than it does for you to buy them over the counter.  This is your NHS - please use it wisely!

OTC Poster