Practice Management

  • Sue J Bramley (f) - Practice Manager
  • Lauren Gollop (f)  - Practice Operations Manager
  • Craig Stocker (m) - Quality Assurance Manager


  • Alice Grundy (f)  - Communication and Systems Lead
  • Sarah Barker (f)  - Nursing Team Coordinator
  • Kelly Bramley (f) - Safeguarding Nurse
  • Clare Christopher (f)  - Patient Support Lead
  • Philippa Hankins (f) - Summariser
  • Sarah McCauley (f) - Summariser
  • Sabine Middleton (f) - Practice Administrator
  • Louise Morris (f) - Practice Administrator
  • Lois Oakes (f) - Practice Administrator
  • Tracey Turner-Hill (f) - Rota Coordinator
  • Grace Waring (f) Research Administrator
  • Angelique West (f) Practice Bookkeeper


  • Sharon Prince (f) - Workflow Lead
  • Papiya Alam (f) 
  • Amanda Alder (f)
  • Kayleigh Brinkman (f)
  • Kim Honan (f)
  • Lauren Powell (f)
  • Nicola Ramsay (f)

Patient Services Coordinator

  • Alison Laidler (f) - Patient Services Coordinator Lead
  • Tracy Hayes (f)
  • Kory Ladd (f) 


Our receptionists welcome patients to the surgery, arrange appointments, answer patients' queries and carry out administrative tasks. They do a difficult and busy job, so please be patient if they cannot attend to you straight away. Please give them as much information as you can in order to help them help you. Everything that you tell them is treated in strict confidence.

We have a team of 19 receptionists staff led by Montse Paya-Gamino (f) - Reception Supervisor