Why are GPs needing to work differently?

GPs, their teams, and patients have faced an extremely challenging time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite lockdown measures lifting the pandemic is still not over. Face-to-face contact has been limited across all NHS services to protect you and keep you safe from the risk of infection.

We want to be honest with you. General practice will continue to struggle to meet the growing needs of patients. This isn’t the way we want it to be, but practices are open, and we are here for you when you need us.

Why are things different?

To keep you and everyone else safe appointments are being triaged. This helps give you the type of appointment you need:
– To be seen in person
– A phone consultation
– A video consultation
– Help from your local pharmacy
If you need to be seen face-to-face you will be.

Why am I seeing someonewho is not my GP?

Not everyone needs to see a GP. Many practices now offer appointments with other healthcare
professionals, including nurses, pharmacists, physiotherapists, physician assistants, mental health
workers and paramedics. This ensures you see the right person for your condition as quickly as possible.

Why do receptionists ask such personal questions?

Receptionists are a vital part of the practice team. Their questions are to ensure that you are seen by the right person
at the right time, and all answers are kept confidential.

Where else can I get help?

Visit www.nhs.uk for advice on how to treat common symptoms or contact www.111.nhs.uk or dial 111 to
speak to someone who can help. In a life-threatening emergency always call 999. 

 Your GP surgery needs your support, so it can be there to support you. We can’t meet this challenge alone. General practice desperately needs help from the Government.

Visit www.bma.org.uk/supportyoursurgery to find out more

Patient demand to see GPs face to face - Interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire


Published: Oct 5, 2021