From Monday 17th May our Text Messaging Service will be updated to a SMART messaging service.

This means that our texts messages for appointment confirmation, reminders and healthcare campaigns will look slightly different.

All messages sent from the practice will always include:

  • Patient’s name
  • Practice name
  • Link starting with https:/ to view full message
  • An option to opt out to stop receiving SMS

We use a communication system called MJOG to provide your appointment reminders and healthcare campaigns messages and to obtain and process your feedback. MJOG requires your mobile number and date and time of appointment to operate however we do not store data on MJOG and any personal data collected via the MJOG tool is deleted once it has been added to your clinical record. We do not ask for any personal identifiable information in user surveys. MJOG Ltd’s privacy policy can be viewed online Click here to view MJOG policy

Published: May 17, 2021